Regional Symbols

The Symbols of the Region are those that have been created by the founder of the region however at the request of the nations through the Regional Council they can be reformed and changed through voting and consultations of the Nations should be used in communications and Official bulletins inside and outside the Regiont.

The Flag of the Region is a Blue Table that means the hermanda nobility and solidarity Basics of our Region a yellow square strip that means the Friendship of the Member Nations and in its environment the Shield of our Region as a symbol of Universal Unity.

The shield symbolizes the Institutionality of the Region is constituted by a blue box on the left side of it with a star that symbolizes the union of nations a white background symbolizing Peace and a Superior Headdress symbolizing the Region's Wealth is its Half diagonal you can read the Acronyms of the Region OUSS in Black color.

Other Regional Symbols

Although not of official use they have great importance in the Region.